Smilelign is a revolutionary aligner that gives you the straight smile you always dreamed of. It replaces the need to use ugly metal braces and wires and is practically invisible so people won’t even know you’re having your teeth straightened. Smilelign enables you to be confident, look great and smile better.

Teeth straightening, known within dentistry as Orthodontics, traditionally used metal brackets and ugly wires to straighten your teeth. By contrast Smilelign is an invisible orthodontic aligner system that uses the latest technology on the UK dental market. Smilelign’s revolutionary clear brace aligner gives you the straight smile you always dreamed of. Smilelign is practically invisible, so people won’t even know you’re having your teeth straightened. 


  • Your tooth movements will be meticulously planned from our dentists prescription by the smilelign ‘Scan & Plan’ service technicians.
  • Smilelign technicians scan models of your teeth using cutting edge technology.
  • Each tooth movement is carefully decided using the Smilelign Ortho Studio Planning Software.
  • A 3D animation is produced that shows the movements your teeth will go through during the course of treatment.
  • This allows you to see how your teeth will look like at the end of your treatment and an opportunity to discuss any specific requirements you may have about how you would like your teeth to look.


  • Smilelign clear braces are almost invisible
  • Teeth straightening with clear braces are tailored specifically for you they are as slim line and as comfortable as possible.
  • You will be able to undertake any work duties very easily.
  • Any minor speech issues or discomfort only last a couple of days
  • You can remove the aligners easily for a short space of time for an important meeting or event.
  • There are no ugly brackets or wires like conventional braces meaning you can still feel confident.
  • Smilelign clear braces can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing, so they don’t require additional hygiene appointments.

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  • Almost no one can tell you are wearing Invisalign
  • Will not disrupt your lifestyle
  • Improve your smile and confidence
  • Studies show it can be better for your dental hygiene
  • More comfortable than traditional metal braces
  • Can improve chewing and speech

What are the alternatives:

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