Teeth Whitening

Why teeth whitening?

Men and women of all ages have come to enjoy the new found confidence that comes from teeth whitening. The procedure is simple and painless, giving you the winning smile you have always wanted. Teeth naturally stain over time and can become gradually discoloured due to general wear and diet. Tooth decay or tartar are common problems but this extremely simple treatment can bring immediate results.

At Home with whitening trays

Our team will make an impression of your teeth and make a customised applicator for the whitening gel. The specialised trays will apply the gel to your teeth for a sustained period with most patients tending to do this overnight. After a few sessions your teeth with begin to look whiter and whiter, giving you a smile worthy of showing off.


  • Whiter, brighter teeth
  • Can improve your confidence
  • Can greatly improve the appearance of your smile

Before & after

This gentleman requested a whiter appearance of his teeth. These images show the dramatic result that was achieved using the Enlighten tooth whitening system.

teeth whitening 1 teeth whitening 2teeth whitening 6

teeth whitening 4 teeth whitening 5

What are the alternatives:

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